Not all is vanity, but much is.

M turned 16 on Friday. I took him today (Wed.) to get his license, but he wasn’t able to get it. His eyesight is too bad. Even though eight months ago he didn’t need glasses, now he does. And he needs them for both eyes.

M is upset because he doesn’t want to look like a nerd. His long hair is one way to avoid that. But glasses, he is sure, would overwhelm his non-nerd look and make everyone who knows him realize he is a nerd. (Because his erudite vocabulary, scholarly interests, and encyclopaedic knowledge are not sufficient indications.) So his goal has been to, perhaps, look like a tech geek. That’s okay. But looking like a nerd is not okay.

Update:M got contacts. He had trouble getting them in this morning, but popped them in easily this afternoon. He is 16 and one week and is the proud owner of a Texas driver’s license, for which, he reminded me, I owed him $5, since I forgot to give him money to pay.