Aunt Norma Land

I am in Aunt Norma Land. She’s a wonderful lady, hardworking, brilliant, and a PhD. She’s also a liberal. Classic liberal. Well, not quite, since she has never ever ever in her long legged life been rich.

But I didn’t know she had infected the whole state with her liberalism.

I just spent two hours listening to a very long winded story about a socialist and how he sang songs about the powerful who hurt the poor. There were some interesting pieces and the songs were often fun, but… The politics was strong and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I did not know that some of that cruelty went on in the name of breaking the union and there was interesting information in the talk. And the singing was fun.

But overall I felt like I had attended an indoctrination workshop.

So here I am for the next two days, where I thought I would be among like-minded folk and it turns out I’m just here with liberals.

I guess I won’t bring up that I voted for McCain.