Poem a day: The Books Tell the Tales of My Life

Stacked into shelves, squeezed into spaces,
The books tell the tales of my life.
Cicero, Quintilian, Aristotle, Plato,
Legacy of rhetoric and a PhD.
Margaret Wise Brown and Dr. Seuss,
Stories I read as a child
And read to my children.
Ancient history, archaeology, and Latin American culture
Classes I took for fun in college
And books I still occasionally browse through.
Mysteries- Ellis Peters, Robin Paige, Temprance Brennan.
Romances- Suzanne Brockmann, Marie Ferrarella, Sharon Sala.
Sci fi and fantasy, all my favorite authors write both.
Can you name them?
They grace the walls of our dining room.
Hello, Moon, Hello, Bunny, Momma do you love me?
Books of a week or so of my sons’ childhood.
Dinosaur legends and medieval knights and ladies
Remnants of classes I taught at the local homeschool co-op.
The books, if you know them, you can trace my life.
They are my autobiography, if you know how to read them.