Poem a Day: How to Eat a Poem

Would you scoop it up
With a dipper
Like Oreo ice cream
And shovel it into your mouth
As fast as you can swallow?

Or let it melt in your bowl
And stir it around
Till you have ice cream soup?

Would you nibble through the middle
Leaving the edges, leaving the crust,
Like a crunchy peanut butter sandwich?

Or eat the whole sticky, smacking, creamy mess
in large bites
So you can be done?

Would you peel it,
Like a kiwi or banana,
Feeling the skin is nasty,
Itchy, hairy, smooth, tough,
But sucking up the moist soft insides?

Or crunch into it like an apple with the skin on,
Enjoying every bite?

Would you sip it
Like hot soup?

Gulp it
Like icky medicine?

Lick it
Like a lollipop
Till you got
To the sweet chocolate center?

And once you ate it,
Would you digest it
Or puke it up?

Written 24 May 2002