I’m not a kitschy person

but I laughed (and cringed) at some of the Christian kitsch on display. I clicked on the link to learn why there is a pooping Pope.

I didn’t vote, but you have to admit that commenter Tim came up with some great categories: Someone’s going to Hell for This and I’d Buy that for a Buck.

I think the lightswitch plate with the switch where Jesus’ thang would be… That warrants the first category. And maybe the Magic 8 Ball Jesus. Maybe even the “Jesus Hates it when you smoke” ashtray, especially when paired with the Jesus cigarette case.

For I’d Buy that for a Buck, well, now I need a pooping pope (I’d rather have a pooping shephered.) and I’d take the Benedict Brew, too.

Go. Laugh. It’s fun.

Some of the kitsch is trying to hard to be kitsch and some is genuine kitsch. As another commenter put it, would an old woman who loves tacky Christmas sweaters and Jesus have these in her house? If she would, then it’s genuine kitsch.

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