Update on my Dad

Still in the hospital.

He got two day passes and went home this weekend. He went for about seven hours on Saturday and five on Sunday. He wanted to go back to the hospital and seemed relieved to be there.

I don’t know why.

His language is improving. We are working on sentences and questions.

He got mail and won’t read the cards. Dingbat.

He is getting extra therapy, four hours instead of three, because he is making such good progress.

The nurse forgot to bring in his medicine at noon (which is supposed to keep him alert) and he was asleep for the evening, probably, by 3:45. Of course, he was through with his therapy and probably needed the sleep. I hope he did indeed sleep through the night (or relatively).

The stress of having him in the hospital is high.

I don’t think the stress of having him home will be any lower.

I got some papers graded today and then just gave up because it is so hard to grade. But I need to get them done by Wednesday at 8 am. And I will. I have taken as long as I can, and maybe longer. They were turned in last Wednesday. That will make a whole week I’ve had to grade them.

I got really low blood sugar today around 2:30 and ended up eating peanut butter and crackers and drinking apple juice. Not exactly low carb.

Right now Dad is scheduled to get out on Feb. 16. I figure that is when he’ll actually be released.

We need ramps at home and we need a tub extension. It would be good if we could have a grab bar installed in his tub before he gets home, too.