My Life

My life has been very busy.

I am teaching four classes. I have eight presentations at conferences. I have two articles to write. My father was in the hospital for 45 days and I spent 40 hours a week up there. When he got out, my mother went into the hospital for a week. I spent about 20 hours up there. (My mother had pneumonia and was very tired. When she was less tired, her best friend came into town, so I didn’t feel I needed to be there.)

All that to say that I have so much going on that I really don’t have a lot of time to post on this blog, which is bad because it is my “outboard brain,” my online memory, and my thoughts-online hoarder.

In honor of Lent, I deleted thirty blogs from my online reading list. I was inspired in this by Happy Catholic. I am not sure how much extra time it will give me, since these days I have only been reading blogs when
a. either I have a lot of time, or
b. when my brain needs down time.

So I am not sure it will really simplify my life. I went from eight military blogs to one. I dropped every single personal blog except The Common Room. I kept two Catholic blogs, which is a bit odd since I’m not Catholic, but they are a balm to my soul. Most of the other blogs are for my work and I don’t feel that weeding them out would do me any good and would potentially cost me in effectiveness.

My life is not going to be getting much easier, either.

This summer
I have two conferences.
I have accepted another article to write this summer, along with an entire book.
I am teaching a course in Maymester.

This fall
I am teaching six courses, so far. I have been asked to teach seven.
I am supposed to be teaching a possible two continuing education classes. (I might do one. I am NOT doing the other.)
I have three conferences (I hope).

So I don’t think I will have time to devote as much time to this blog as I want.

But it has been a great blessing in my life and I am so grateful to my husband for helping me set it up all those years ago. Thank you, honey.