Job interview

Last night when I got home from running errands and eating at James Coney with R, I had a phone message. CC3, with whom I had a phone interview a week ago this past Monday, had left a message saying that they wanted an interview.

I am not sure it will really be an in-person interview, because I am supposed to teach an actual class a lesson and they said I would only be there two hours. But I guess a class is an hour and then an interview is an hour, so maybe.

I am very excited and nervous about the whole thing.

I don’t know what lesson I am supposed to teach. Am I supposed to fit it in with what they are doing? Or am I supposed to make up my own?

I would like to do a description lesson, because I think that would be fun. But in an hour, I don’t think I will be able to get that done in a positive way. It’s a three-lesson lesson.

So I am thinking it would be fun to do the definition lesson with Tim McGraw’s song. “Find out who your friends are.” It’s a song that gives examples of what someone who is a friend would do. Bringing in the music would be good. And then we could listen to the song, take notes, and discuss the illustration part of the def/ill paper in a fun and interesting way.

The lyrics show that the song also says what someone who isn’t a friend will do. That’s a good part of the illustration idea, too.

So for developmental writing, they are working on a single paragraph. What would an illustration paragraph look like? That’s something to think about. Glad I came and wrote here.