Skills list

I read and write English well.

I have a large and varied vocabulary.

I know grammar.

I am not tied to grammar.

I have taught everyone from tiny babies to grandmothers.

I have learned who I teach best, young adults to adults.

I talk well.

I am not afraid of talking.

I enjoy public speaking.

I am good at the process of writing.

I am good at editing.

I enjoy reading.

I am good at reading.

I enjoy showing other people how to do a thing.

I enjoy watching other people’s progress.

I enjoy sharing what I know.

I can usually come up with a different way to express something.

I have read literally hundreds of thousands of books.

I have written three books (my thesis, my dissertation, and the first Dielli novel).

I have gone to school all over the country and had many different teachers with many different styles.

I have had classes in how to be a good teacher. (Not terribly useful.)

I have had classes with great teachers.

I know what it means to be discouraged by a course.

I know what it means to be given a grade you didn’t deserve.

I know what it means to be trusted to do work that is beyond your capacity.

I know what it means to receive a reward that is equivalent to the work you did.

I know that not everything can/will be perfect.

I know that rewriting improves work.

I know how to research.

I know how to take notes.

I know how to gather ideas from disparate places.

I know how to create proposals that people want to read.

I know how to write papers that are interesting.

I know how to write essays.

I know how to write letters.

I know how to write resumes and CVs.

I learn how to write new things or practice writing regularly.

I am good at answering questions.

I enjoy seeing people “get it.”

I have lots of ideas.

I enjoy the process of writing and preparing to teach. (Though I am not as fond of grading.)

Those are some of the skills in my two main areas.