I am receiving a Kindle for Mother’s Day. The boys each gave me a book on the Kindle, one of which I have already read and taken notes on.

That was very cool, since they only ordered the books yesterday. I don’t have to wait for delivery or pay for expedited delivery.

I just ordered my first Kindle sci fi book. Not sure I’m going to like the kindle as much as I thought. What will I use to fill up my bookshelves? Oh yeah. They’re already full.

Update: That didn’t work very well. They said the credit card didn’t work. Since I didn’t put the credit card in, and it’s not full, that’s an issue I can’t fix. So I guess I’ll head to the bookstore and buy a paper copy of the book after all. … Waiting for R to tell me which account to use would mean it would take longer than the bookstore run.