Another Interview!

I made it to the finals for the job at CC4. I don’t know what they pay, maybe I should look that up.

But about half their students go on to four year schools, so that’s more than at either CC I’ve taught at before.

For 2002, the starting salary is $41,888. The max starting salary is $69,720. So an average, in 2002, was $55,000 for the calendar year.

For 2007, calendar year, the average salary is $66,000 and for the academic year it is $49,000. There is a small disparity between men and women’s salaries. But that is true at most colleges, regardless of whether or not they’re federally regulated. It’s partially because we women tend to take time off and to move around with our spouse more.

So it is possible that CC4 pays more than CC3. I don’t know for sure, though, because I did not see a faculty pay schedule that the college put out.

I’d like $55K or more. But I’ll take $49. That’s double what I’m making teaching a total of six classes. Plus I wouldn’t have to pay my insurance, so I would actually bring more money home.

Update: I finally found last year’s schedule. They have a big difference between 9-month and 12-month salaries.

I have never seen a 12-month salary before. Usually it is 9- and 10-month. The very lowest of the low on 9-month is $34,131.

Now, since I have four years of full-time experience and twelve years of part-time experience, and I have a PhD, I think I should be closer to the F12 beginning number, which is $43,469. But I would like to think that they count experience, which should pull me up at least four steps.

CC1 changed their rules so that the most you can start with, working in their system, is Step 7. So, if that were true for CC4, the 9-month salary is $48,954.

On the 12-month salary schedule, that is $65,272. That’d be AMAZING, in terms of what I was expecting to get. So I doubt that is what would happen.

However, I’m open to it. I’m very open to it.

CC1’s schedule says my starting salary, for a 10-month salary, would be $58,358. That’s actually more than I thought. Maybe I want that CC3 job after all. (They have the same pay schedule.)

But it’s comparing apples to oranges, because 10-month is not 9- or 12-month.

CC1’s 12-month schedule doesn’t really apply to faculty. It’s for counselors and people in the Learning Resource Center. But the 12-month is $64,050.

Okay, I found the nine month and their schedule is higher pay than CC4’s. For nine months faculty, with an earned doctorate and six or more years of experience, they pay $50,023. (Compared to CC4’s apparent $48,954.)

However, CC4 might give full credit for the teaching load, which would bring their salary up to $52,989.

Okay, so somewhere between $48K and $53K a year for 9-month salary at CC4. That’s not too bad. (Though I’d love the higher numbers, of course.)