Interesting Parents’ Night at M’s Church

93% Guys/90% Girls who attend that church believe in God
67% Guys/50% Girls expect to remain faithful

13% Guys/25% Girls have had sex

67% Guys/50% Girls say that people in their circle drink alcohol regularly

13% Guys/20% Girls say that they have abused prescription drugs

10% of both say they have done illicit drugs

53% Guys/50% Girls think it is is very important to marry someone who is a virgin

47% Guys/40% Girls say their family rarely or never prays together

26% Guys/25% Girls say they don’t remember the last time their family prayed together

That’s stats from their church. Wish I’d taken notes after all.

It was, as R said, painful. Of course, we left and had a big fight about all kinds of things.