Well, that’s not sectarian for sure.

I saw a CFP for a journal I hadn’t heard of before. It sounded fascinating and I sent the CFP on to several friends without checking out the journal.

We are interested in both creative, and critical approaches to the discussion of faith and literature. The journal is not denominational, and does not take a sectarian approach to religious questions.

Doesn’t that sound fascinating and right up my alley?

Unfortunately, when I went to the CFP on the site, it came out just a little differently.

Submissions that are ultimately chosen will engage the theme in a unique and unexpected way. Please, no anti-evolution or creationist diatribes – we are interested in radical, interesting, and unusual explorations of the philosophical concept of creation – not fundamentalist bullshit.

Because, wow, we don’t care about sects as long as you aren’t a fundamentalist.

They easily could have said this without being offensive.

“We are not looking for diatribes or rants.”

Then they could have just thrown out any “fundamentalist bullshit.”

Dang. Makes me want to send them some just to be annoying.