Someone tried to write a college science paper on the “natural phenomenon” of werewolves, vampires, and zombies.

Despite the fact that the student did not get the topic approved, as per the syllabus, s/he did a lot of work on the paper and developed it well. S/he looked at when those creatures were discussed using scientific language, etc.

It reminded me of my genetics class at SLU and that disease that made people’s bones (and teeth) red and for them to be sensitive to light and very hairy.

Apparently it reminded someone else (Macaroon of the same thing:

“there is a “disease” called Ambras syndrome that causes people to look like werewolves. Perhaps the other prof could suggest he take an incomplete and add a page about Ambras syndrome, thereby “fixing” the problem by actually describing a natural phenomenon. Dunno if I’d take off points here if it were my student.”