Funny Lines

Another sighting for my “Natural History of the Common Troll” article.
from Mouseman

Oh, yes, and there is a HYSTERICAL citing of a troll on that same page:

March 26th, 2009, time 19:01. I had another sighting of a troll today. As I observed, it marked a thread with its urine, and disappeared into the underbrush. Interestingly, its calls are similar to the cry of a young human, and have been mistaken for actual speach. It seems to feed off attention, and will appear out of nowhere, interrupt a conversation, and derive nourishment from the response of the persons participating the conversation. It has been known to actually repeat words from the conversation that it interrupted, albeit in a garbled and nonsensical manner. This particular troll seems to be attracted to conversations that mention the words “students”, “professors”, “colleagues”, and “relationship”. Since the troll do not understand speech and language as we know it, it would be very interesting to know just what these particular words mean to this specific troll, and why the evoke a response. A study of the cognitive processes of troll may be very enlightening in this context, but such a study remains beyond the scope of this project.

by mouseman

That is funny!

Dr_Evil added:

This research is sponsored by the other NSF: National Society of Fantasy. Trolls were long considered to be creatures of fantasy until the creation of the internet. At that time, sightings dramatically increased, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

Then Anakin suggested grant money from the stimulus for the trolls to mountainguy and frogfactory. After that Mouseman said s/h/it was appalled that s/h/it wasn’t invited, since s/h/it had done most of the preliminary work.


You must not be a zoologist. It’s well-known that trolls are a genus containing many species, including trollus schadenfreudus, which thrives on annoying others; trollus aburridus, which thrives on posting pointless drivel; and trollus penderatus, which thrives on making minute and insignificant grammar corrections.