I’m in Austin.

I stayed up late last night till midnight talking to Lyn.

I wrote the article I was working on for Friday and sent it off. Talked to Lyn about it and she helped me make it much better. Yeah.

I went to UT and copied $32 worth of stuff on Judith. Good use of four hours.

Then Lynne and I went to Freebirds. We also went shopping. It was good to visit. She had done some really cool stuff at the Arts Festival, performance and making a fine art print…. Sounded like a lot of fun. Her birthday is July 29.

Oh yeah. Lyn’s birthday is Aug. 18th. Need to bring her something.

Tomorrow I am going to take Micah his hair brush. I’m hoping to have lunch with Jill. And I really need to read some Shakespeare and work on an article for the forum.

But I am having lots of fun.