Student Lows

I had papers due on Monday. They should have already had a version of them on the Friday before that we looked at in class, an in-class peer writing workshop.

I had someone email it to me today.

I took the papers late on Wednesday and gave the people a chance to rewrite for an average of the two grades. I took the papers late on Friday for a single grade.

But I am not under any circumstances taking a paper today. The person lied to me, since they said they had left in their room and I told them they could bring it to me in the next hour. I am NOT grading it.

And I’m trying to get my animosity out here so I don’t harangue the whole class.

Then I had a student write me and ask me what notes I had for her on her report. She wasn’t in class on Friday. She’s responsible for what is in class on Friday. I am not responsible for getting her–in a totally different medium–something she would have received had she been in class on Friday.

By the way, those late papers, the only ones I am accepting from those students all semester. That’s it. Some of them have used up their grace because they are too lazy to get off their butts and do their homework.

Oh, yeah, and the one who didn’t turn the paper in till today says that he was confused by the homework, so he won’t be turning that in tomorrow. He’s getting a 0 for that. There are no revisions for that paper. Period. And I’m not taking it late from him, even if he technically hasn’t used up his late because he got a 0 on the last paper.

I just sent him an email telling him to read the book and to have one for class tomorrow. I hope he does. Because he already has a 10% 0. He doesn’t need any more 0s.