I missed two deadlines.

I was so focused on the two papers that are due next, I missed two deadlines for papers that I could have written in my sleep.

I am not too happy about that.

Both were vampire papers, which isn’t what I wanted to be my forte, but I could have done them easily and it would have been two more pop culture articles.

I’ve thought about sending in proposals anyway, but I don’t think that is good.

1. I wouldn’t want late proposals.
2. It makes me look unprofessional, which I was, for turning in stuff late.

Why might I send them anyway?

1. I could write them easily.
2. They would be published.
3. They can’t accept them if I don’t send them out.

Tomorrow will be two and three days late. Will I send them? Probably not. But I’m praying for a second call for papers from them, that they didn’t get enough of what they need.