I am not working on a paper this evening.

I finished the one that was due today and sent it off. Who knows if it will be accepted? God alone.

I am a little worried that it’s an “oh, duh” paper, especially after having read the reader reviews on the Chronicle forums tonight, but, you know, I looked. I didn’t find anything. I think it’s worth it. I did it. I sent it. It’s done.


On the other hand, I kind of want to send it in to CCTE because I think it might do well there. But I decided to send a rhetoric paper. I looked back over my rhetoric paper and found an error. Should I fix it now and send it again? I don’t know.

I start tomorrow on another paper, the premise of which I found in a source. So now I have to come up with something else or at least expand it significantly. This was mostly supposed to be an easy paper on a topic I enjoy. Oh well. We’ll see. At least it doesn’t have to be 20 (actually 22) pages long with 97 footnotes (some of which had ten citations in them).

I talked to my son M today about what my goals are. I have two reviews and one article published right this minute.

If everything that has been accepted actually gets published (the encyclopedia article won’t, the whole ency. was pulled), I will have five articles and chapters, two reviews, and one book.

I should also have a few more reviews soon. One is due in December and another is due whenever I get the book. I have no idea when that will be. I guess I should go make sure the book didn’t accidentally get sent to my college.

I did do a review of a book this weekend. But that was for money. I spent quite a while on it. Maybe more than I should have. I sent the review but didn’t send the W9 yet. I should fax that. I wonder if the machine will take a fax at night. I wonder if I should send a fax with my social security number on it at night. Maybe I should just mail it.

So five articles and a book. That’s not bad for a community college teacher. In fact, it’s great. It’s not great for an SLAC, although for one year’s output it is great.

I was talking to M and I said I would like to have 30 articles published. You know, I haven’t sent to high level journals, but… I really should. After a while, no one will publish me in the higher levels because I’ve only done lower stuff. I guess I need to work on that.

I’ll have to start thinking about what the good journals are.