Moving On

Okay, so I have a paper to give on Friday. I wrote it, but I didn’t like it, so I spent this week totally rewriting it. I’ve got it into a close approximation of reasonable now.

And then I opened my computer and looked for new CFPs.

I don’t have any reason to do that.

I have another paper due next week of which I have two pages written. I should really get cracking on that.

I have an article in revision (for the third or fourth time) which is due after next weekend.

I am out of town this weekend at a conference. I am out of town next weekend at a conference.

I am teaching six composition courses, all of which have grading I need to do, I am sure. So… Why am I looking for something else to write?

My husband would say it is because I am an addict.

He may be right.