Go, Miss England!

Miss England is a corporal in the British army and a veteran of the Iraq war.

I may have to watch the Miss World (or whatever) pageant this year just to cheer her on.

1 thought on “Go, Miss England!

  1. Did you see John Ringo’s comment on the post?

    “John Ringo | November 8, 2009 10:38 PM | Reply
    Reposted to FB with the note ‘this is a hearty ‘screw you!’ to anyone from here on out that says my combat barbies are unrealistic! Text ev. Read it and weep!’
    I’ve gotten alot of flack over the years for female characters who are both pretty (and comfortable with it) and dangerous. And I write them because I know them. Thanks for the text evidence.
    John Ringo”

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