Being thankful in the month of Thanks-giving

Nov. 5: E
My son E

Eyes, especially ones that work well. Ears. Epiphanies, energy, and everything I have.

November 6: F
Family, fun, friends.

Forests, furniture, faith, family, freedom, food.

November 7: G
God, grace, grandparents (gramas and gramps), Grace (my niece), gadgets for my husband to play with, giraffes for fun, and grapes to eat.

November 8: H
My birth family, H’s. home, health, happiness

heavens, hamburgers, honor, honesty, my hot husband

November 9: I
icicles, irises, Indian jewelry inherited from my Grama Helen, inheritance of good genes, infants, ink (being a bibliophile), industry, information…

Ideas, insights, internet, intelligence

November 10: J

I am also very thankful for my incredibly loving and giving sister Jeanna whose time with my parents has allowed them both to remain in their home far longer than they would have been able to do without her.