Right On.

The Anchoress on climate change.

I will be ashamed if my readers did not already know (as we have discussed for years) that the Global Warming Hoax was/is, as we have always know it to be, a hoax. An effort to defraud nations and assist in the tireless (and creative) leftist international movement

Or, that seems to be the general trend of the news.

One suspects this hacking had much to do with the sudden collapse of the world-wide global warming boondoggle and economic manipulation and “global management” movements that have been so wildly trumpeted by international scallywags of all stripes and ambitions.

Aren’t you glad, now, that the moron cowboy saw through it and was smart enough to keep us out of the unworkable and failed Kyoto treaty, despite worldwide pressure and ceaseless hysteria from the moron press?

Big Lizards on marital-phobic Dems.

“Yes, this structure can create a ‘marriage penalty’ for some couples. It also creates a ‘marriage bonus’ for others,” [Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman] said. “A married couple with one wage earner can earn up to $250,000 without facing this higher tax, whereas a single person in the same job with the same pay would be hit by it.”

But a married couple in which each earner makes $150,000 would be hit with the tax, whereas an unmarried couple living together with the same incomes would not.