“Too Many People” is a Lie.

Spiked has an article on the history of Malthusians. Great stuff. Of course, I’m an anti-malthusian, so I would say so. But there is history, census data from a thousand years, and some good quotes. Plus there are some good arguments, too.

And the third and main mistake Malthusians always make is to underestimate the genius of mankind. Population scaremongering springs from a fundamentally warped view of human beings as simply consumers, simply the users of resources, simply the destroyers of things, as a kind of ‘plague’ on poor Mother Nature, when in fact human beings are first and foremost producers, the discoverers and creators of resources, the makers of things and the makers of history. Malthusians insultingly refer to newborn babies as ‘another mouth to feed’, when in the real world another human being is another mind that can think, another pair of hands that can work, and another person who has needs and desires that ought to be met.