X, Y, Z

xylograph: a print made from a wood block, or a wood engraving
xerography: method of reproducing illustrations, text, etc., electrostatically, by attraction of ink powder to positively charged sheet of selenium metal.
xoanon primitive wooden statue overlaid with ivory and gold
xylopyrography engraving designs on wood with hot poker

xanthocroid: a fair haired, pale skinned person

xanthous: red or yellow haired
xylophilous fond of wood; living in or on wood

XML: extensible markup language

xenagogue guide; someone who conducts strangers

xenophilia love of foreigners

xystus covered walkway for exercises

For Y, I am thankful for:
You. Especially if you are my friends or family.
Yesterday. It was a blessing and I am grateful to be able to remember it (vaguely). All yesterdays are a blessing, because it means there is a today and a tomorrow.
(stolen from my friend Gail) “the color yellow, without it daisies and daffodils would not dance the same”
Yule time