I went to Arkansas to visit the in-laws for Christmas. We got home Sunday night and Monday morning at 5 I drove the rental car to the airport and caught my flight to MLA in Philadelphia.

The flight was good. The train trip into town was fun. My hotel was much closer to the convention hotel than I thought.

Monday I went to some exciting papers.

Tuesday I went to some good and some bad papers. I also gave a paper. I hope people thought it was good.

Wednesday morning I woke up with horrible vertigo. So I went back to bed till 9:15. I got up and got dressed, went to my panel, gave my paper, and went back to the hotel. I laid down and went to sleep. I woke up and ate some supper. Then I went back to sleep. At four a.m. I woke up, went to the bathroom, and threw up.

I threw up again at eight. And then I got a taxi to the airport. I threw up on the check-in desk. Then I wandered around the airport trying to walk without walls to keep me up. I threw up a couple of more times. My plane was three or four hours late leaving.

We were supposed to go out for New Year’s Eve, but I was so not up for that. I went to bed.

By Sunday I was better. Which was good, because Monday I went to the parents’ house to take care of them for five days.

They had at least two doctors’ appointments every day. On Friday they had six. It was a bit hectic.

Then school started at the college. The other college, where I am doing online classes, doesn’t start till next week. Thank goodness! I was able to get three weeks’ worth of classes done for the online class today. I went to an eight hour session and stayed six and a half. I even skipped lunch because I didn’t want to not get this done. I also signed up for another one next week.

Oma White died last night. She was 97 and she didn’t get my last birthday card. At least no one remembers mailing it.

My baby sister’s birthday is today. She is 40. That’s just crazy.