How do you make a decision?

A job in Abilene may be opening up. How do we make a decision?

Let’s say that Ron makes X. I would expect the opening in Abilene to pay 1/2X. Average home price in Houston is $198K. Average in Abilene is $140K. Not 1/2.

We’d get a substantial break on tuition for the youngest munchkin. That would be worth a lot. But not enough to make up for the 1/2 we’d lose. And in four or six years, when he’s finished, we wouldn’t have the cash of that tuition.

I know the job.
I like the people.
We have talked about moving there before.
Hubby could do something different.
I would actually have a job that would pay me decent money for doing 2/3s of what I am doing now.

Not big city.
Have to go to X church.
1/2 income.
No real retirement fund gets built there.
Away from my family. (Yes, I know that could be a positive for my immediate family. But it would still be a negative for me.)

You know what? I am doing too much. I think I need to seriously consider cutting back on the school I do next year. Perhaps I should drop English at the SLAC. I’d still have the 2 business courses. But I wouldn’t be working full-time for part-time pay anymore. (Which I am right now.)

Maybe the reason Abilene sounds good is that I wouldn’t be working too much. It’d be more laid back. I could do two conferences and … I don’t have to do two conferences now, but I am. And if we went to Abilene, I couldn’t afford to go.

Gotta think about this.

Why is it so appealing? And is it appealing enough? I don’t want to go after the job and then turn it down if they offer it.

I mean, I could say, if it’s not $X, then I can’t take it. That’d be different than saying, “Oh, you know, I decided I didn’t want to go.”

M says you make the decision with prayer and fasting… I’m not sure when I have time to fast, but I sure have time to pray.

God, do you have a plan here? Would you mind telling me what it is?

2 thoughts on “How do you make a decision?

  1. No, not yet. We’re going to visit Abilene. We’re calling friends to find out what the actual pay is/will be. (Although that may not be our best choice.)

    I think at this point R just wants a change. Abilene would let/make us change.

    Even if we decided to go, there would still be other questions. Big house? Small house? Land? No land?

    It’s an interesting question all the way around.

    I think if I had a full-time paying job here we wouldn’t even be considering it. But I don’t. What does that mean? I am not sure.

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