Life is Busy

I am finishing up my online class. Turns out it isn’t good enough (despite the fact that people did it last semester) to be ahead of your students. You must be finished. So I’ve got a load of work to do. I don’t know when I will be doing it either.

Today is almost over. We go to the hotel tonight. Tomorrow is the marathon. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon while R sleeps I will have time and inclination to work. Then Monday it is up and to Austin. I wonder how E will feel about being up at 5:30 to get there. He can sleep in the car. I’m good with that.

Also we are looking into applications for a job away from Houston. It would mean some serious uprooting of our youngest son, but he would be going to where he would be going next year anyway. It also means some serious reconsideration of what we are doing. We’d have to get the house in order. Do we buy a smaller house or do we buy a house with land? Do we buy as if we intend to stay forever? What does that mean? We have to fix this house if we are going to sell. I figure… $6K in upgrades and fixes. Maybe more, maybe less depending on who we find to do them.

We’d need to shift stuff out of the house. Decide what we were keeping and why. Some stuff I’ve held onto for the kids. But if we are moving, do we want to move that? There’s the cost of moving as well. How much do we want to spend on that? How will we do it?

And, do we want to move? It is something different. But could we do something different here? Not now. I don’t have a job. If I had a job could we? Perhaps.

But this job is contingent on a price break for our son’s tuition. That would make a difference. What will we do?

I do not know. And when I am overwhelmed I tend to go read. So I have been reading today instead of working.

I think I will fold some socks, finish the laundry, and load the dishwasher. Though I will NOT fill the water bottles again. That is E’s job this week. He can do it.