How ethical is it?

I am looking at the largest English conference (MLA) in the US. It takes place next January; however, proposals are due in March.

I cannot find anywhere in the CFPs that says you can only submit two proposals. However, you can only participate in two sessions.

So, is it legitimate to apply for four or five different sessions in the hopes of getting two? What if you get accepted to all of them? Obviously some would have to be turned down.

If I applied to more than two, and I was accepted to two, I would immediately withdraw from the other sections. Obviously that would need to be done.

But I would like to present at MLA and applying to more than two sessions makes it more likely that I will be able to present.

Gotta think about the ethical implications and what I would need to do. Strategy is important too. Which sections would be the best for me to present in?