Does God Talk to Us?

This is particularly relevant to me.

R and I asked God for an answer as to whether we should apply for this job that is at my alma mater. I had a long conversation in my head with God in which he said no. However, in the past, long conversations with God have primarily been my own invention. That is, I get an answer and then I go on a two-way conversation that I invent myself to make sense of his response.

I am not sure I actually heard from God on the no.
R didn’t hear at all.

God knows way more than I do and I do not want to move my family halfway across the state for a situation that would be worse for them than where we are.

I do, however, want to have friends again and enjoy my teaching.

So… What does this mean for me?

It means that I still don’t know what God is saying about the application. We are moving forward with what could be a HUGE change in our family’s life… but I’m not sure we should.