Job search updates

I received two calls today. One is for a phone interview. One is for a follow-up face-to-face interview. I guess I passed the phone interview.

I also found another position at the high end of my preferences and applied to that. They were supposed to start reviewing candidates today, so I am a bit behind in applying.

I didn’t hear from the alma mater yet. Because it is now spring break, I don’t expect to hear from them until at least next week.

I have now made progress on 3 of the 8 applications I put in for jobs this semester. One I don’t really want to make progress on. Those guys don’t like their work.

So, preferences:
alma mater and techwrit job about the same- different benefits, drawbacks
nearer cc– better driving time, but limited class options
farther ccs– better class options, longer drives
SLAC– I love the faculty, but when three people tell you that you don’t want the job, you probably don’t want the job.
nearest cc-the one where the faculty don’t like their students and they didn’t hire me last year

I’d say the problem is that I might hear from one before I hear from the rest, but really, if I hear from one, unless God drops a bowling ball out of the sky near my foot (I was going to say on my head, but I don’t want that!), I will assume that is the one I am supposed to take.

That means my alma mater waiting to call isn’t a positive sign, of course. I’m okay with that. We found a “dream” house there, but who wants to move? There is lots of work involved in that. Plus our salary will be cut by 2/3s.

How long will it take techwrit to get back to me? Possibly forever. I think my cover letter was good for them, but the CV doesn’t look like what they want. However, I can only do what I can do, so …

At the rate that CCF (far) is going, if they like me, I might have a final interview by the first week of April. However, I didn’t make it last time I got to that point with another college, due to age issues. So I don’t know how the Search Committee will feel about that.

Three weeks from now I might know about a full-time job next year. Or I might not. Not all schools are good about calling back and letting folks know if they are rejected.

So, what does that mean for me? It means I should get going on my writing and try to get more publications. It means I should focus on the more advanced stuff I am interested in, since I have plenty of the lower level stuff coming out in publications, etc.

I looked in my alma mater’s jobs and there is one that R could do well. The pay would probably be abysmal, but if he wanted to do it, he could.

Of course, we are talking about him staying here with M while M finishes his last official year of high school. M says there is no need for that. He can graduate this year.

If we decided to go together, we’d have to really move to get the house organized and fixed up for sale. It would be quite a stretch in terms of time. Of course, I’m not sure how we’ll do it next year either.

If we were moving, should I drop my Maymester class and work on the house? Probably.