One of my chapters was supposed to be published this summer. But the press appears to be folding. So that’s not going to happen. I went to a conference and heard of a new press, know another press that is soliciting, and looked up university presses that publish in the topic area and that the editor might not have thought of. I sent an email off tonight.

I really would like this work published, since I wrote it. It was fun and I think people who are generally interested in the topic would like the work. It would also be useful to students who need to write papers on the subject, since it includes already culled primary sources.

I hope one of the presses works out. I would really like to have the book in print. I’ll buy several. One for each of my libraries (That’s four, three universities and my own.), one for my folks, and (if it’s hardback) one for my sister. So… if each of the contributors bought five that would be a guaranteed sale of 100.


I am a strong believer in the second amendment. I like guns. I think everyone who is not mentally deficient or a criminal and is over 18 (or possibly 21) should own one, at least.

American Daughter has an interesting post on the differences between US gun ownership and Swiss gun ownership. The Swiss come out way ahead.

And the “Why no one invades Switzerland video” that my husband liked so much is also there. (And now here.)

Benign Delusions

My wife and I often have very different recollections of events. And not just the little details. Sometimes our shared memories don’t even feature the same mammals, themes, or points. The scary part is that we don’t realize these differences until we have some reason to compare memories, which doesn’t come up that often. Every now and then there will some independent way to verify whose memory is accurate, and it is sobering to discover how many of the problems are on my end. A lot of my so-called life is apparently a patchwork of delusions.

The best you can hope for in this life is that your delusions are benign and your compulsions have utility.

From Scott Adam’s blog at Dilbert.

Spreading the Mess

I am spreading my mess. It’s growing. Someone help me. Soon I will need the clutter people! (Okay, not really, but I did put a whole stack of papers on the bed. Gotta move those.

John S is dying.

John is in the hospital right now. Nancy took him this morning because he wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He had a heart attack in the doctor’s office. He has some kind of infection they can’t find. He has coded four times. His liver and kidneys are failing.

I know that God has some fishing gear and a great place in the kitchen, with folks in heaven lined up for some of John’s special meals, but I also know that this will be very hard for Nancy and their kids and the grandbaby.

Please pray for them.