My Poem

I have been working for three or so hours each over the last two days to create audio and a video of a poem I wrote for National Poetry Month. TYCA is having a contest, which was supposed to be finished. But they did not get sufficient entries, so they solicited more. I hope that I get mine in before they have enough.

It looks amazing, even if it’s me who says it. I used iMovie to put the pictures together. It was different, trying to learn it. It didn’t take much time, but I don’t think it is really intuitive.

I am THRILLED with how my poem ended up looking and sounding. I bought pictures from to make the video. I think that one or two more pictures would have made it better, but it is, in fact, amazing as it is.

Thanks to my wonderful techie husband who was so patient with me while I was learning to use it.