Delightful Knightly Jokes

from Happy Catholic

Just a tease:

What do you call a knight who has won an award?
Sir Tificate.

What do you call a knight who always gives up too quickly?
Sir Render.

1 thought on “Delightful Knightly Jokes

  1. I ran across the word “postliberal” over at First Things, and my search revealed 33 million entries. Huh. I thought it was original to me. Apparently there is a very respectable branch called Postliberal Theology, which I knew nothing about, but would likely have considerable sympathy with. Removing “theology” from the search brought it down to a more manageable 11,000. It wasn’t too many entries down before I discovered your site. I like it. I liked it even better when I found you had linked to me last month.

    I will try to be an intelligent audience, and will link back to your site in a post tonight.

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