Bones: Beginning of the End

Caroline says they won’t make it. That if they run from each other, they won’t come back together.

Bones is going to be investigating these I believe. The writers tend to use real life situations.

Lance gives up Daisy. He tells her not to wait for him either.

And yet next year there is another season.

What I would like… For Bones to realize that people change and that life is dangerous. Perhaps she is bitten and uses Hodgins’ insect guide to survive. Perhaps someone is murdered and she uses the experiences with Booth to not only survive the experience but to save lives AND science.

But I don’t think that will happen. I think she will lose her worries, because she will be involved in work that she enjoys and that requires no hurry, no rushing. I think that she will take this break as a sign that she is not supposed to be with Booth. Of course, she thinks that already, so it’s not a big stretch.

Perhaps Booth, who has gone to Afghanistan, will find someone new. It’s hard to imagine that. Rebecca, Tempe, and ? But he is a good man and he knows that Temperance is afraid of loving him. Maybe, in the fog of war, he finds someone whom he can love who is willing to love him.

I wish, I wish they could get together. They could be friends. They could be partners. They could be lovers. I wish the show could survive with a love affair of the century. Surely in life there are other dramatic moments. Brennan might think she would be a terrible mother and is too old. Angela might get pregnant. The juxtaposition might be hard for Booth and Brennan. Brennan might suggest to Booth that he find someone else who can give him a child. He says children are gifts, but he has a son. He had one when he met Brennan. She says he’s a great father and should have more. They argue. They fight. Tempe finally admits she is afraid that he will leave as well….

The two of them could grow and change TOGETHER instead of having to grow apart.

That would be a smashing series ending.

Instead I fully expect something else.