Mom: Stroke

I am in Switzerland.

I got an email from my brother that said that my mother had a stroke this morning.

I got the email and went, “Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.” The OC girls who were here asked what was going on. They brought me a tissue, gave me a hug, and went downstairs to tell SS and get her to come up here. SS and BS (giggle on that) came up and offered to let me use their phone to call home. It’s way cheaper now than it was 30 years ago when I was here. (10 cents versus $2 a minute.)

I called J, then C, then S. S, typically, said that mother was just fine and it was no big deal. I knew she would say that, which is why I didn’t call her first.

J called me back. Mom can’t walk again. You have to tell her how to move her feet.

The good news is that has happened before, and she got better.

The bad news is that has happened before… so she’s had at least two.

J is upset with C for telling me. I knew she would be. But I also appreciate C for letting me know. Although I am glad I didn’t hear when it happened, since that was when my conference was.