Mom Stories

These are some stories I posted on fb as we were letting Mom go.

I was born because the doctor thought 15 year old women couldn’t get pregnant. When my mother came back on her 16th birthday, she was three months along. The doctor was stunned.

Mom visited an OB/GYN in Lubbock, but decided not to go that route because the guy walked into the office visit with a cowboy hat on chomping gum.

Mom went into labor after having called Dad home from Debate Club for dinner. He thought she was faking it, so he didn’t show up.

By the time he got there, she was far into her labor and her water had already broken. Because of that, he took her to the hospital with the cowboy doc. He wouldn’t admit Mom to the hospital because she was so young.

Mom was in the final stages of labor on the 45-mile drive to Plainview. Their Siamese cat Francoise assisted in the delivery. Whenever Mom was fixing to have a contraction, the cat would jump on Mother’s stomach.

I was born less than 5 minutes after the arrival at the hospital.

Mom got her first new dress in six years. She fixed her hair and put on make up. I was swimming in the apt pool with friends. I got into the deep end and panicked. Mom jumped off the balcony, ran to the pool, and jumped in to rescue me– before the grownups there even noticed. It was Mom and Dad’s 7th anniversary.

Mom taught the Bluebirds because I wanted to be one and there was no troop in Corpus. She made seats for us to go to games. We sold Camp Fire Girl candy. I loved the mints.

Mom planned a slumber party for my 11th birthday. We had fun crafts to do all night long. Yeah, Mom!

Mom used to substitute teach. If the kids were good she would bake them a cake.

When I had to go in the hospital with Micah, in Sept when he was due in Nov, Mom came from Jersey to Abilene. She watched Elijah and kept house for the whole month that I was in the hospital. When I came home and Lij wouldn’t come to me, she didn’t crow that he liked her better but said that he was just mad I had left and he would be over it soon.