Mitigated Gladness

I now have a full-time job.

That would have made me hop up and down happily. Or maybe not. Maybe it wouldn’t.

But it doesn’t now because while I have a full-time job, I will probably still be applying for a position at a new school next year.

Right when I would have been okay with being here for the long term, it looks like that is not going to happen. It looks like we’ll be leaving.

And that, too, would have had me hopping up and down for joy, except that the plan for that job is also to leave. Not in one year, but in two or three, possibly four… But most likely two.

And then, having hopped from one job to another, I’ll need to hop to a third. That will not help me get hired anywhere.

So I’m here, with a job at a school I think I will like, contemplating a job at another school, wishing that my life were more stable than it is.


Maybe we can learn to live on less here. That would certainly be easier than moving. And there are more med schools here.