Alphabet Thankfulness: C-H

A and B.

Mom and Aby
Chris H, the Cogdell family, cars so I can get to work, candy, cartwheels (especially as done by my nieces), corporations who employ so many Americans, caps, capes, crowns, cards so I can play solitaire, cash, chapbooks… These are a few of the things which begin with C that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for having my dad for 49 years. I am thankful for days, dandelions, dogs (especially Serenity), dark nights, doughnuts (especially glazed and powdered), Debbie Williams, Darlene, Dee Knapp, Daubs, Deloneys, and many other things that start with D.

Elijah. Every day. Ezra. Emily. Enough of everything.

Friends and family. Fathers. First responders. Fire fighters. Fries (sweet potato fries). Faith.

God. God’s grace. Reagan Grace. Green grass. Grendel so there is Beowulf. Garter belts. Gardens. Greeting cards. Grants to get things done at work. GPS without which I would have been hopelessly lost this morning. Guns. Gifts. Google. Girls. Grins. Grandparents.

H…s and H…s. (My family names.) Houses and homes. Husbands, especially mine. Homeschooling. Help. Helpfulness. Houston. Hamburgers. Hot tubs. Homecooked meals. Handmade gifts. Hash browns. Hearts that work. Halloween candy. Happiness. Hyper dogs. Hardback books. Howdys. Houston.

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