Working in the Yard

I had the lawn guys pull all the weeds and cut the bushes back. Those things needed doing. It was $90. Last time I asked it was $75/bed. Glad they came down.

Then the beds were empty. So I went and got mulch. I put in Scott’s Sierra Red mulch. It’s supposed to stay red for a year. Not that I think it will last a year. But at least all winter it will be pretty. The Sierra Red matches the shutters on the house.

Oh, the mulch? 24 bags of it. By myself. Yes, I’m a bit sore. How did you know?

I miss working in the yard with Dad. It’s hard to do on my own, but having the weeds pulled out helped me get it done.

Bought two planters to go next to the door too. I wasn’t planning on putting the Christmas trees in there until after Thanksgiving, but the spider plants I bought don’t look right in there. So the trees are in there temporarily.

It may be that I just need a pot or something to raise the plants up. I put one in one pot for the tree. Guess I should go look and see what I think.