Anakin’s Grama’s Gravy Recipe

You can do homemade gravy! My grandmother taught me.

Do it right in the roasting pan on the stove.

First skim off the juices and fat, if any – leave the crispy bits in the pan.
Add 1 tablespoon fat back into the pan for each cup of gravy.

Heat on the stove, then add 1 T. flour for each T of fat and make a roux.

Cook and stir that for a minute or two, until it’s bubbly and a little darker but NOT dark brown – you’re going for “camel-colored” here.

Add (total cups of gravy – 1) cups of warm stock into the roux and whisk until it starts bubbling.

Remove from the heat and whisk in a cup of cream or whole milk, then put back on low heat and stir to thicken. Then adjust salt, pepper, stock or milk depending on your gravy thickness preference.