Bathroom done.

We had the powder room done. It looks very nice, but it is very brightly white.

I put the shelf back in and I don’t really like it there. But if it’s not there, the bathroom looks like everything is very short. So I guess I will leave it.

The blue pieces I put up there really look nice but I need one more piece and I don’t have one I want to move from anywhere else that I think looks good.

Inside the chicken wire, (the shelf is country) the blue doesn’t stand out as well. I was going to get yellow hand towels to go with the white, but the yellow of the sink is kind of green-yellow and the edges of the door are brown-yellow. I like butter yellow, which is what I would get in a towel. So I don’t know that the color would really go. I did find some towels I didn’t like the color of while I was looking that I think would match. But why would I bring more color I don’t like in?

I don’t know if I should try the butter and see how it looks or just stick with white. I also don’t know what blues will work in there. I guess I really need to just move stuff around and see how it works.

The new stuff looks very elegant, which the pine and chicken wire shelf does not. But I don’t really want to buy another shelf for the bathroom right now. If we stay here, maybe I’ll buy myself one this summer.