A house I really liked last year (and like this year) just came back on the market. But really you are only buying the bones of the house and I can’t afford the bones of the house. I need a kitchen and bathroom finished. It’s a beautiful house, though, right on the street we like the best. Nice. Big. Gorgeous.

The floors have been “partially” fixed, which means they weren’t done well in places. That would cost money to fix as well.

The house has been gutted and someone (the owner) ran out of steam and energy to take care of it.

The house was delisted in January from $165K. It was listed in March on Craig’s List as $150 or best offer.

Historic [I took out address] (MAKE OFFER) – 3:42pm
Mar 8, 2011 … $150000 / 6br – (MAKE OFFER) (Abilene,TX) (map) Location: Abilene,TX; it’s NOT ok …
abilene.craigslist.org › housing › real estate – by owner

It was just relisted for $165K again. It’s a beautiful home. It has great bones. But all it has is bones and some pretty floors. I don’t know if anything else has been done.

But I looked up what it costs to put in a kitchen… We’re talking $28,000 to $50,000. I have no idea how much it would be. But I can’t buy a house near the top of my budget and add $50,000.

If I could get the home for $140,000 (that’s close to 150 or Best Offer) and I spent $48K getting it renovated… I would have a stunning home.

However, I am not sure I could get the house renovated for $48K. And I don’t want a mortgage. Although, for a house this cool, I would consider it.

But I have no idea whether the house is really sound (though for where it is it should be) or not.

I wish I were a DIYer. I wish I were the kind of person who could whip this house into shape.

Just this weekend, well, after we got home from our whirlwind trip, I was thinking, I wish that house was for sale still. I wish I could buy that house.

And then it is.

And I could.

But I would really need to get a contractor in there to look at (assuming I couldn’t see glaring problems I don’t already know about). So I guess that might be something to do in May.

It is a way cool house. Big though. It is big. Bigger than two empty nesters really need. But cool. Way cool.

And my brother bumps me back to earth… How much would utilities be? Probably as much as a mortgage.