Wondering about the Reliability of the Sellers

Closing date
Okay, I get why the date is changing or trying to be changed for the closing.

Yes, we said before July 14 originally and you wanted June 22. Okay. We’re fine with that. Looking back, that is actually better.

Then you wanted to close June 7. We’re okay with that, too, even though a little early and we would have to rent back to you for two weeks.

Then you wanted to close June 27. Not so great, but I guess we can do that, too. However, it has to be June 27, because I’ve called the foundation people and that’s when they are planning to start. (Glad I didn’t just give them a credit card number over the phone, based on next paragraph.)

Now you want to close after June 27, but you don’t know when. I have a lot of work to do on the house. Some that is essential and some that is less so, but I also know that I don’t want to live in the house when the foundation is being repaired or while the walls are being repaired if they need that from the foundation repair, so…

Concrete floors
Then I called the concrete people that the email said did your acid stain. They said they didn’t do your floors. They also said that if you did them yourselves–and you did a beautiful job on the cabinets, so maybe you did–and you used the stone tone wax sealer, the color “walks out” and the sealer is a bear to get off.

Looking at it again the email said, “can match the acid stain on the concrete” so perhaps you were not meaning to imply that the concrete people did your floors. Perhaps you gave me the name of the concrete people because you know I’m not a DIYer. But they are all confused about why I would call them, since they didn’t do the original. And I’m a little confused as well.

Did you do an acid stain? Or did you not? Did someone else do your floors? Or did they not?

Also, I called the roofer that was recommended, since you strangely had the porch roof go straight down, so that anyone 5’10” or taller will hit their heads when walking onto the front porch. (Is everyone short that you know or did you just think it wouldn’t matter because no one comes in the front door?) You told me that the insurance agent has seen your roof and it didn’t have any problems.

The roofer hasn’t seen your roof yet (today or tomorrow he will though), but he said that he was surprised there was no damage. He’s replacing a Class 4 roof just one block up that was “all beat up” by that Easter hail storm.

I’m glad R was insistent that we get the porch looked at and (possibly, hopefully) changed. That will let us know if there is substantial damage to the roof that you didn’t tell us about.

If there is, I will be very upset.

Agent issue?
Agent said “stainless steel appliances” which to me implied the fridge was staying. R says not.
Agent said acid stain. Was it an acid stain or not?
Agent recommended the roofer. Apparently the roofer has an A with the Better Business Bureau, but is claiming in their yellow pages ads that they are accredited by the BBB. Which they aren’t. However, the A is only for length of time in business, not for any complaints filed against the company. The company was established in 2001. (She did mention that he was “a young guy.”)