Words from God

At the retreat I attended last weekend, I received clear words from God.

One woman said that I had a “gift for teaching” and that this was not something she knew (and she would have had no way of knowing) but something that God told her. Another told me that I was a gifted teacher (same thing).

I appreciated this very much as I have struggled with the question of whether or not I am a good teacher, whether I should have been a teacher (based on God’s best plan for my life), and whether I had a gift for teaching.

Thank you, God.

Another possible word, which I heard from the main speaker during his speech and still hope was not directed at me, was that “sometimes we move somewhere we think we will be forever and God moves us.”

Let me say that 1. this has often happened to me and 2. I am willing and able to move again and 3. I don’t really want to. So I am hoping this was not a word for me, but a general truth that was relevant to many other people in the audience.

I am trying not to live a fear-based life. As the song the Holy Spirit gave me in March (or last March?) says, “In the shadow of the cross, I leave my fears and woes.” But Satan is trying to tell me I should worry about whether or not I will get tenure.

Really, God, what I want is to do what you want for me to do. I need help sometimes to keep wanting that, but I do want it. I thank you for your grace and your encouragement. If we are not to stay in New Town, I am okay with that. Thank you for the time we will have there, however long or short it is.

Help me to love you and glorify you in all that I do, God.
Help me to love you and glorify you in all that I do, Jesus.
Help me to love you and glorify you in all that I do, Holy Spirit.