Tonight in New Town

It is 7:05 and 105 degrees outside. There is a breeze, but it is about eight feet off the ground. The trees are moving, but not much else.

I was going to go to the mall, but I don’t really want to leave the dog out in 105 heat when I don’t have to. I had hoped it would have cooled off, but nope.

I thought I finished the game/toy closet. I threw out two broken things that ended up with us. Nothing else so far has been discarded. But I just realized that the two dress-up jewelry cases have not been cleaned up or purged. I have put some of the jewelry out for J and her girls, C and J. I’ll go do that after a while.

I realized our front closet, while not as big as our old Harry Potter closet, still has lots of space in it. That is good. I was able to take some stuff out of one of the closets in R’s office and put it in the front closet. There should be more room once the cedar chest gets to the new house, since that is where all the blankets that are crowding the closet came from.

When I get a scanner (or learn to use and do use the school’s scanner) I am scanning all our family photos and, once they are backed up in several places, getting rid of most of them. (Not all, but most.) Some I will send to my cousins, who may not have any of these or certainly not many. I will also be putting a book of our parents together, which I will copy and send them. I hope that it will be a blessing to them.

R was on a school thing and we didn’t get to have the discussion we were hoping for. We still might. I’d like to do it before M gets home. We’ll see. I’m not prepared for it but it could be fun anyway.

Overall it’s been a very good day.

I’ve been trying to drive to work and from work by a different route each time and so far I have been able to do that. I expect it will get a little tougher as time goes on, but, it is teaching me where stuff is.

I followed the phone’s instructions to get to Sam’s and really went around town instead of through it. I am sure it saved time, though.

I learned one street, that both colleges are on, goes all the way through from the top loop to the bottom loop. I will have to drive it all the way down one of these days.

There is a new furniture store in town, but it’s either a franchise or a knock off of the one where we got our table. I really don’t want to buy any more stuff I’m going to feel like a fool for having purchased. I’ve been watching craigslist, but haven’t seen a hideabed. There was a day bed/trundle, $300, but we need it more in Old City than in New Town (although I do need something to sit on in my office). Since that is true, I am not sure I should purchase it. R may find something in Old City on craigslist that is perfect, when he has a bit more time. (If that ever happens.)

I was supposed to start reading a new book for a review, hoping to get it finished before I officially end at my Old College, but I haven’t started it. I can work on that tomorrow.