More Hidden Nightshades

or Don’t Be a Dummy, Read the Labels!

Hot dogs all have paprika in them. Hot dogs are now off my list.

All shredded cheese have potato starch in them. Shredded cheese will now be home made.

Most dressings that I was looking at, Raspberry vinaigrettes, have paprika or “spices” in them. So I should probably call Jason’s Deli and find out if their Raspberry Vinaigrette has nightshades. I love theirs. Okay. I just sent them an email asking about their dressing and the chicken noodle soup. (I have found some with modified food starch, but the type is not labeled and some with “spices.”)

I sent an email to the supper club saying that I have food allergies to peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes, but that I can make sure and always bring something that I can eat. We’re having fajitas and queso. Guess I could bring some refried beans and my own shredded cheese. What a pain in the behind. I said I would be fine, but it actually hurt my feelings. Silly. I’ll get over it. At least those nightshades won’t be hidden.

Update: The raspberry vinaigrette is nightshade-free, but the chicken noodle soup is full of potatoes.