Things I Noticed About New Town

1. People sit on the sidewalk or on the humps in the parking lots. I saw three people doing this on Sunday. I thought it was odd.

2. The cheapest gas in town is at the grocery stores, not Sam’s.

3. There are three different chains for groceries and I’ve only tried one.

4. Even though the economy here seems good, businesses listed on the city website have gone defunct.

5. There are many empty buildings for sale.

6. We have an odd kind of grass which apparently comes back on its own every year. That’s good.

7. My neighbors have a lot of trash and don’t know how to close the trash can that we share.

8. My air conditioning bill, while high ($184), was about half what we would pay in the old house. I hope that house sells in God’s perfect timing, even if I don’t know what that is and hope it is soon.