Black Friday at My House

My husband and I stayed up till midnight, not because we needed to go shopping, but because, as empty nesters, we wanted an adventure. When we arrived at the mall at 12:15 and saw the lines of cars backed up trying to turn in, we decided to take a spin around the neighborhood and head home.

This morning bright and early we made a genius appointment at the Apple Store and headed to a different mall. At 8:30 a.m. the mall was only as full as normal. We finished our business, got help (or didn’t), and wandered the mall for a bit, eating parts of a stale pretzel and looking at gadgets.

By 9:30 the mall was crowded and we headed home, a nice roundabout drive that gave us time to talk.

Lunch was leftovers (cheese dip, not turkey) and then we went to work. DH studied for his exams this week and I began frantically working on the chapter I thought was due at the end of next month, but which is due next week.

We broke for a two-mile hike through the green belts in weather that was about 72 degrees. Then DH went back to study and I cooked supper for the four of us–both boys are home from college.

Everyone cleaned their plates, and the dog licked the bowls, so I stuffed the dishes in the dishwasher and went to check my mail. I got an email that might mean (maybe) that my poem was published. But I’m not sure it meant that and I haven’t really been able to find out.

I guess I will spend a few bucks to order the book and be sadly disappointed if I managed to miss another publication.

Now it is back to my chapter writing and revision.