What Has Been Going On

Said I was going to wear a costume for class on Thursday (Halloween). Boss asked if he needed to vet it. I told him no, that I wasn’t going to wear anything Abilene kinky.

I was actually pretty upset about it though. He’s not one of my friends on FB and I guess that was what he was thinking of. Maybe I should un-friend all my colleagues. Or maybe what I am wearing to school is garnering comments. I don’t know. I think since he specified costume, that is what the perceived problem was.

Made me very unhappy. Like depressed. Thought I want to leave here (again). I remember feeling this way when I lived here before, prior to marriage. Maybe it is only when I am depressed. That is something to think about.

Anyway, started thinking I don’t have any friends. But then I thought of Melanie and Lora and realized that I have more friends here (even without my colleagues and “old friends”) than I had in Kingwood at any time. I mean, I had one friend at a time in Kingwood, but usually only for a semester or a year.

Then I wondered what is wrong with me that I am so bad/whatever that I can’t make friends. I’m not going to think about that because while I am not perfect, I am a good friend. So…

Got over the depression by thinking about Lora and Melanie. Thank you, God, for those two amazing women.

Halloween we only had about 1400 people come by instead of the normal 2000. 6:30-9. One thanked us for participating. Said very few people were. I know two of the houses in my block are empty. So that would make sense. Another one doesn’t open their doors and isn’t particularly friendly. The final one I’ve only seen working on his house in the middle of the day, but no other time.

So there were not a lot of people giving out candy. The other blocks going north all are poorer neighborhoods. A lot of the houses are rented. And candy for 2000 people is very expensive. Unless you are really into Halloween, someone on a significantly limited budget wouldn’t go for that. And these aren’t the neighborhood kids, since everyone drives from all over town, and some of them aren’t even kids. We have grown ups and teens, too.

I can see why someone wouldn’t give out candy under those circumstances.

Plus, people walked all over our yard, on the monkey grass, threw trash out, and pulled our stones over.

DH was Fry and I was Leela. It was fun. We still had more folks talking about the disco ball than anything else. Some of the kids asked if we were having a party. I told them, yes, they were the party. I don’t think they got that.

Had lunch with Lora today. (Melanie two days ago)

I talked a million miles an hour and she didn’t say much. She is the oldest of four. Brother 2.5 years younger. Sister 5 years younger. Brother 8 years younger. All of them are pregnant. The sister is on her third child. She and her husband don’t intend to have any kids….

She said the shelter in town is terrible. It was weird. Didn’t sound like what I have heard about.

There are too many animals folks don’t take care of. I know that, though.

Finished the laundry just now. Hasn’t been done in a week.

Going up to the office to pick up boxes to take to Ft Worth this weekend for the conference executive committee.

Still haven’t done as much promotion for Dr Who as we need to. Since we’ve paid $300 I think we need a huge turn out. I don’t care if I know people. Just want to have people come. Will have to talk to Karen and see what she would recommend.

DH said we needed to quit spending so much money. Then he bought a new (used) camera. I was fine with it, but it does feel weird when he said we need to quit spending money. … Stupid me, I talked to Amy about it. So I need to talk to him before Tuesday morning, in case she mentions it. She doesn’t always have the same spin I do on stuff I say to her. I should also be more careful about it. He’s a wonder and I love him and you might not be able to tell from what I tell her.

Picked up the house. My office is still not really “clean” but everything else looks good. I am trying to figure out what to do with office, but won’t do anything now because I need to go by the office.

Anyway, that’s what has been going on in the last few days.